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Real Estate Marketing: Publishing Content

 In General

Real estate agents understand the value of authentic, original content as the key to standing out among the sea of qualified agents and brokers.  I was asked to present the Content System framework to agents who want to use content to attract and grow an audience of new clients. This is the third of three posts. The first can be found here and the second is here. If you work in real estate, this high-level view of a proposed set of content creation activities is for you.

Publishing Content

Post on a consistent schedule

Once you determine where your content will live, either on your current real estate site or your own content system site, consistently publish content. Consistency is important because eventually your audience will return to your site to see the latest content.

Be realistic and consider using an editorial calendar for planning and tracking.

But, posting is only half the equation

Every piece of content should have at least three components, a title, a brief description and keywords. Without a title that is compelling and relevant, people will skim over your content when it appears in their feed. A description helps them preview the content before committing to consuming it, and it helps with search engine optimization (SEO). Keywords, or metadata, are also important for SEO, and the time spent identifying and tagging with optimized keywords will pay off. I’m working on a post that details how to prep your content for SEO before you publish. I’ll link it here once it’s complete.

Use social media to create awareness

If you post and do not market your content, it will die a quick death. Attract and grow your audience on social platforms and bring them to your site. Leverage the power and reach of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but own your audience. In other words, use the social platforms to reach and engage with many people, but lead them to your site to subscribe or for further engagement. Don’t keep your audience only on social platforms. You accomplish this by creating an awareness of your offerings with a social media content appetizer then lure them to your site for the main course. There are many stories where businesses grew and kept their audiences on social platforms only to lose everything with a simple algorithm shift.

Final thoughts on the Real Estate Team: all hands on deck

The entire team should be involved in producing and publishing content, and everyone needs to be engaged on the social platforms. Writing is not for everyone. I totally get it. But, rather than writing, some of your team may be better on-camera providing tips and insight on the selling process. Everyone at every level of your firm can add value to your content system. The biggest hurdle is encouraging those individuals who may not have the same level of confidence or enthusiasm as other members of your team. Making the content creation process as inclusive as possible will increase your team’s willingness to engage.

So, there it is. Three simple blogs that show how real estate agents can use content to provide value to clients and increase sales. If you have any stories of how you use content to serve your clients or would like more detail on anything I covered within these three posts, let me know in the comments below.

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